Two Places at Once

Two Places at Once

An exhibition by POST artists network, for the Art Licks Weekend 2017 and ongoing. Currently open for viewing.

Two Places at Once is an exhibition combining a physical site and a virtual site. Works are hosted online and can be access via phone or tablet but are to be viewed / listened to / carried out in specific locations which must be found using the exhibition map.

The project idea follows on from POST’s recent discussions around the relevance of site specific art practices today within a public living increasingly in virtual spaces and with increasing levels of geographic mobility. We are interested in exploring how our relationship with site may be changing with lifestyles of increasing movement through physical and virtual spaces. With this exhibition we experimented with connecting the 2 types of space.

The format is also an experimental and practical solution to working together as a group with conflicting timetables, disparate locations and individual time constraints.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (with free wifi throughout to access the online exhibition map via mobile) was chosen as a site due to the variety of interesting sites, structures, and landscape features for artists to work with. POST artists were invited to submit site specific works for any location within the Olympic Park along with instructions on how to view the work, and responding to the theme ‘Solutions / Resolutions / Revolutions’.

Two Places at Once was shortlisted for the Workweek Prize.

To visit the exhibition click on the link below for the exhibition map.

Please go to the numbered locations on the map and access instructions for how to view the work by clicking the links in the key.

You will need a smart phone or tablet to access the works. Some works have audio but should not require headphones though please do turn up the volume on your device. Please be aware that this is an outdoor venue, you may wish to bring an umbrella, and should dress appropriately. Free WiFi is available throughout the Queen Elizabeth  Olympic Park. Cafes and toilet facilities are also available.The park can be reached by Hackney Wick or Stratford stations. You can walk or cycle in the Park.

Please note, you are invited to view the exhibition at your own risk. Neither POST, the exhibiting artists nor the Artlicks weekend are responsible for you safety or experience whilst visiting the exhibition. For your safely we advise that you do not walk whilst looking at your screen.