Canalology: Olga Koroleva

Canalology: Olga Koroleva

I am an artist and filmmaker living in London. My work consists mainly of writing, photography and moving image and explores contemporary urban environment (often in relation to rural), movement and the intricacies of (mis)communication.

For Canalology 2014 I am making a film under the working title Pouring. It takes it starting point from a Russian saying ‘to be pouring from one empty vessel into another’ (English equivalent would be ‘beating the air’ or curiously similar Italian ‘to be making a hole in water’) which refers to doing something pointless, unproductive, usually for a long period of time.

In a wider sense the work is about exploring the various interpretations of water and its uses, contemporary and historical – as a measure of [gone-by] time, a source of life, a (water)-way simultaneously connecting and dividing places and people.

The film will be made on site in Tottenham and exhibited in a place-specific way, which is a recurrent approach in my practice.

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