Cloud identification tweet-in for Luke Howard

Cloud identification tweet-in for Luke Howard

First ever cloud identification tweet-in to honour Tottenham pioneer Luke Howard

Invitation to take part in cloud identification via Twitter for 150th anniversary of ‘namer of clouds’ Luke Howard
Friday 21 March, 12 – 2pm @postartists

The UK public are invited to tweet their cloud snaps for live identification by experts in the first ever Twitter cloud ID session. The initiative comes 150 years after the death of cloud classification pioneer Luke Howard, whose fascination with the skies lead him to create the system of cloud naming still used today. On Friday, all cloud photos will be reviewed by experts who will tweet a response saying what type of cloud it is.

Organised by artist Natasha Vicars of POST Artists as part of Canalology 2014. Two experts will identify clouds live on Twitter, they are now confirmed as Dr Simon Keeling for Royal Meteorological Society and Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

Anyone wishing to take part should attach their cloud photo and include @postartists #CloudID in their tweet between midday and 2pm this Friday 21 March.

Find us on Twitter and take part…

This initiative is a collaboration with the Cloud Appreciation Society and the Royal Meteorological Society who are represented by Dr Simon Keeling.

Dr. Simon Keeling is a self-confessed weather anorak. He has been a TV weather presenter and trainer with the BBC & GMTV as well as writing books and producing DVD’s about the weather. His companies, and Weather School, provide weather forecasts and training to anyone who wants to know more about the weather, from individuals to large PLC companies.