Canalology: Unasked-for research residency

Canalology: Unasked-for research residency

In December 2013, Marco Cali, Pippa Koszerek and Aliki Kylika spent a week working together, testing out ideas for their Canalology project. In this post they talk about what they got up to:

The collaboration

“This is the first time that the three of us have collaborated together. Aliki is a trained architect and performance practitioner, Marco is a visual artist whose practice centres on drawing (and script writing) and Pippa is an artist and writer. She creates text-based works and performance-installations.

Working together as The Unasked-for Public Art Agency is a really exciting challenge for us to all take our work in a new direction and create an experiential journey for the audience along Tottenham’s Canalside.”


Drawing by Marco Cali


The Lawns by Pippa Koszerek


pre-Bard // post-Shard by Aliki Kylika

The residency week

“We started off the week in a cafe discussing our shared interests for the projects and sketching out ideas.

We’re all interested in exploring how news stories change the way a place is perceived. We have an idea that different accounts of one story could be turned into ‘clues’ for an audience to encounter and interpret. We envisage using sculpture, installation and various props to explore this.

We became very excited by some historical news stories we’ve found about Tottenham and how these relate to contemporary narratives.”

2013-12-03 19.46.28

Next steps

“We then spent the week creating mock-up scenarios and installations, using one of our homes (a typical Victorian terraced house) as a basis for a choreographed journey for our audience to experience. The result was blocked-off doorways, re-wallpapered walls and flags! Our plan is to create a mock-up performance in February for members of POST followed by a test-run in March at the exhibition location.

For the time being our script is TOP SECRET – we don’t want to spoil the surprise – but here are some pics from the week.”

2013-12-04 16.26.02