Sources for drawings to go around central map of the River Lee

Sources for drawings to go around central map of the River Lee

In January 2014 I went on walks along the canal from Stonebridge Lock to Markfield Park to take photographs. The plan is to select twelve photographs of scenic views at roughly equal intervals along the length of the canal. I will draw or trace these photographs. The resulting drawings will be arranged around a map at the centre of the artwork.

Scenic views that may be included include: people bicycling along the path; the underside of bridges; swans flapping their wings; a woman on a bicycle coaching a canoeing team; a rusty bicycle dredged from the bottom of the canal hiding in the grass; dramatic shadows at Stonebridge Lock; piles of crates outside a warehouse; a woman painting on the graffiti wall in Markfield Park; a close up of the engine inside the museum..

I grew up in Tottenham and Markfield Park was where I played as a child with my neighbours. Strangely enough, I don’t think I even knew the canal existed even though it’s just at the back of the park. We just played on the swings and slides, and occasionally roamed around the grassy areas and sand pits. I’m not sure I even noticed (or I don’t remember noticing) the building that contains the Markfield Beam Engine Museum, which only re-opened as a museum in 2010. It is strange how your perception is affected by what you expect to see.

I still live in Tottenham now, and it was participating in this POST project, which brought artists from all round London to Tottenham, that introduced me to the canals in my local area.