Start of the project: Photographs of maps found at the site

Start of the project: Photographs of maps found at the site

POST had site visits to Tottenham’s River Lea in December 2012 and in May 2013.

We all took photos along the Canal path.  I paid special attention to the signs along the canal path that included maps of the area.

I think it was actually POST’s idea that my contribution to Canalology would be a drawing that is an alternative mapping of the site.  This springs from previous mapping, diagramatic, or site specific work that I have done in the past.

I found four different signs that showed maps of the site at the River Lea.

One map was at the Paddock and  includes a drawing of a bird in the corner.

One map was near the entrance at Ferry Lane and is labeled “Tottenham Marshes”.  This is the map you can see me tracing with colour felt tip pens in the POST Sponsume crowdfunding video.

Another map is actually a mosaic on the floor nearer to Stonebridge Lock.

And the forth map is a Canal and River Trust tall sign (about 1.5 meters long?) by Ferry Lane. This map depicts the canal path  as a thin yellow line down the centre of the map.  This is the photo below with “You Are Here” at the centre of a circle.   I chose to model my drawing on this map for several reasons.  Firstly, it was the simplest and most graphic version. Secondly, it was the map that was most easy to photograph.  Finally, it was the only map found onsite that showed the total area of the Canalology exhibition – i.e.  the canal path all the way from Stonebridge Lock to Markfield Park.  According to the map, this part of the canal path is a 30 minute walk:  15 minutes from Stonebrige Lock to Ferry Lane, and 15 minutes from Ferry Lane to Markfield park.

A blog post from Mary Yacoob on her Canalology project.

1_Canalsite_Map1  2_Canalsite_Map1a_Map_Mosaic_2012-12-09 14.02.343_canalsite_map2