Whitstable Biennale Satellite

Whitstable Biennale Satellite

The POST Artists exhibition Parables Displaced took place at St Alphege Church as part of Whitstable Biennale Satellite. Each artist responded to the historic ties of St Alphege to Whitstable.


  Seahenge: Manchester (false gods) – Jessica Mautner

Jessica Mautner
St Alphege was stoned to death in Greenwich; it is said his body was then carried down the river to Whitstable, via Seasalter. When the congregation moved from Seasalter to Whitstable, the new church resembled the old one in its cobblestone frontage; but the sides are constructed from London Brick. Much later, as the bell-ringers of St Alphege won prize after prize, hippies and travellers gathered for Seasalter Free Fest. This piece reflects my ongoing interest in the affects of site-specific materials for people who encounter them daily and for others, like myself, who are passing through. The stories and stones of St Alphege led me to consider what I put my faith in.
mixedfibres.wordpress.com / louiejesse.com


  Devotional Objects – Matthew Kay

Matthew Kay
Matthew Kay’s assemblages address the phenomenon of ordinary wonder – the transcendent amidst the mundane – and the narratives that we use to make tangible our experience of that which is beyond our understanding. Many of Matthew’s sculptures and diagram poems are influenced by his interest in faith practices; the combination of worldly and sacred imagery in his work probing traditional beliefs as he examines and renegotiates his own. The diagram poems exhibited here contemplate episodes in the life of St Alphege.


  Seraphim for Sanctus – Mary Yacoob

Mary Yacoob
A drawing of angels inspired by the choral score of ‘Sanctus’, whose words come from the Old Testament story of the prophet Isaiah’s vision of God surrounded by six-winged ministering Seraphim. The figures in the drawing are constructed from the patterns and rhythms of alternative musical notations.


  The Caliban-Tao Manifestation – Helena Wee

Helena Wee
A fissure appears in the church, a point of intersection between science and religion. It is shaped like a Calabi-Yau manifold, a structure found in spacetime postulated to exist in string theory. Its surface emits images of basic elements of the Tao, the universe’s primordial essence from ancient Chinese philosophy.


  Remnant of St Alphege – Fiona Long

Fiona Long
This exhibit presents a glimpse of the chronicles of St Alphege. Peer through this anachronistic religious relic, illuminated by the light coming through the church window, and witness the tales of an extraordinary life.


  Triptych – Natalie Sanders

Natalie Sanders


  If These Walls Could Speak – Marco Cali

Marco Cali
There seem to be forms of existence that are both shared and private. These sometimes surface in moments of contemplation and those parts of lives that cannot be easily put into words.
marco-cali.com | contemporarybritishdrawing.com


  Audiovisual performance on renewal – Fresco Puppy (Daniele Imara and Soren James)

Fresco Puppy (Daniele Imara and Soren James)
Site-specific dialogue on the subject of silence and distraction, followed by a live audiovisual performance about renewal.
danieleimara.com and sorenjames.moonfruit.com